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Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Leaving a Legacy with Silver and Gold


Photo courtesy of James St. John/Flickr 

Is there any government in the whole world that is debt-free? No. Do you ever ask yourself, whether you’re an ordinary citizen or an investor, whether it’s worth investing in precious metals such as silver and gold? If you have not, you should.

As time goes, the governments around the world are accumulating more and more debt, which they clearly cannot afford to pay back. In the same breath, inflation looms, currencies are losing value, and banks need enormous amounts of money just to stay afloat.

Let’s be honest; something is going terribly wrong with the global economy. If you compare your daily cost of living with, say, 3 years ago, you’ll be amazed at how little a similar amount of money can buy you today compared with just three years ago.

You have worked hard and want to leave behind real and secured wealth for your children and grandchildren. Since governments do not want you to know that the economy is going to the dogs, should you rely on their empty assurances that everything is “ok” and save your money in its currency or is there an alternative way to cushion yourself against them, and everything else that can impact on the value of your money?

Why should you invest in physical gold and silver?

Most people mistakenly believe that buying gold and silver or any other precious metals involves ordering huge bricks and having them stored somewhere. While storing physical gold and silver in a vault somewhere is one way to own these metals, there are many other ways that still offer the key benefits of keeping your legacy in these metals. Top among them are:

  1. Protect your legacy against inflation

Investing in precious metals particularly gold and silver is becoming very common amongst elite investors and ordinary individuals looking to protect their wealth from the negative effects of inflation. As the economic times get tough, and as traditional investments lose money to inflation, gold and silver is the perfect solution to preserve your investment capital as the prices of everything shoot through the roof. The value of precious metals increases with time and is the perfect hedge against inflation.

  1. Gold and silver are global currencies

For eons, humanity has used gold and silver as a form of currency long before paper money came into being. If you have gold and silver, you can exchange it for any currency in the world at any time wherever you are. It’s conclusive to say that these precious metals are versatile currencies ideal for long-term investments—an ideal way to keep your legacy for a future generation. Note that there is a big difference between actually investing in gold and silver and investing in gold and silver stocks.

  1. Gold and Silver investments are highly liquid and marketable

Trading in precious metals is a great way to enhance the liquidity and marketability of your investment wealth. The high demand of these metals in the global markets is continuous, meaning that you can convert these metals into your local currency quickly, easily, and at great prices. Gold and silver are the most popularly traded metals in the world and they offer a variety of investment options—from simple and straightforward purchasing of bars to complex bullion investments tailored for your specific needs.

Take possession of your wealth

Imagine that science just predicted an unavoidable apocalypse—financial, social or otherwise. If you were to take possession of all your wealth to keep it safe for your dependents, how practical would it be to hoard thousands or millions of banknotes when the world starts to burn? The point here is, when you buy gold and silver, you can rest assured that your investment is real and tangible, and you can even take possession of it to keep it safe and secure if you wish. No other form of investment offers such a guarantee.

Investing in precious metals gold and silver is also an amazing way to diversify your portfolio and to maximize your returns while minimizing risks. Buying gold and silver today is easy and highly profitable, you have no excuse not to secure your legacy in a form that guarantees that value will be retained for the generations that come after you.

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