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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Tips |

Top Tips for Picking, Packing and Parking a Rental Vehicle

Top Tips for Picking, Packing and Parking a Rental Vehicle

Anyone who’s moved house recently will tell you that it’s an expensive business. Unfortunately, many of the costs are difficult to reduce. One area where significant savings can be made is in the transport of your belongings from one home to another. Hiring a van and moving house contents yourself can save hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds compared with hiring a professional company to do the job. Although initially the task may appear intimidating, by following the suggestions given below it’s possible to get the right van, pack it correctly and even park it properly with minimal stress.

When it comes to picking a suitable hire van, there are a number of variables to consider. Remember that due to insurance costs, many hire companies require the driver to be aged twenty-five or over. There may also be a need for the licence to have been held for a specific number of years. You do not need an additional test to drive a van, provided its weight does not exceed 3.5tons. If your test was passed before 1997, you can drive a van which weights up to 7.5tons without restriction. More information on selecting the right van for the move you are considering can be found here.

Use a reputable company such as National van hire from which to obtain your vehicle, to ensure you get the right van for the job. In addition, you will also need plenty of strong boxes, rope, a dolly (a small, wheeled platform suitable for moving heavy objects), a wheeled trolley and lots of moving blankets which can be wrapped around furniture to protect it. A simple guide to packing a van is given here. Remember to allow plenty of time and take great care when moving bigger items. If you’re new to heavy lifting, this handy guide is well worth a read.

If you have limited experience of driving a van, remember that the basic technique is exactly the same as that used for driving a car. Parking can be a challenge, but ensuring that the wing mirrors are adjusted so that you can see the corners of the vehicle will significantly reduce any parking problems. The enhanced height and larger windscreen of a van greatly enhances visibility, compensating for the lack of rear view mirror. Some people take the van to a quiet car park or other off road area shortly after hiring it to practice parking in a relatively low risk environment. If you get stuck, you can always ask someone to guide you into the parking space.

Following these simple suggestions will hopefully result in a move which is not only more economical, but also relatively trouble free.

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