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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Tips |

How To Appeal An Unfair Tax Assessment

How To Appeal An Unfair Tax Assessment

After you have filed your yearly Canadian tax return, you will receive a statement back from the government which outlines your income tax assessment.  Usually they are fairly straightforward and what you see on paper is what you had expected.  However, occasionally it is possible that you might receive a tax assessment that seems unfair according to your information. If this happens to you, you can choose to either accept the decision or to appeal it.  If you decide to appeal your income tax assessment there are professional tax firms out there who are able to help you approach the appeal with informed experience.

A professional tax firm is a company that carries an experienced staff of trained professionals who are ready to use their expertise to help their clients with all types of tax issues that can arise. A reputable company with extensive experience, such as Tax 911 Now! (find tax preparation information at, can address all types of Canadian tax problems.  Tax specialists will help their clients to file timely tax returns that are properly done and to take advantage of all possible credits available. Whether you are facing tax problems, paying off a tax debt, filing back taxes or having an issue with a previous audit, the experienced advice of a tax firm will steer you in the right direction.

You have the right to object to your tax assessment and get it reassessed in Canada. You also have the right to object to details like sales tax, child tax credit, disability tax credit and goods and services tax credit, as well as to apply for an extension to file an objection. Once you have decided to take the plunge and file an objection, you will need to follow some basic steps in resolving the dispute. Any objection to the tax notice should be given in formal writing within 90 days of the notice. This can be done either by submitting an unfair tax assessment online through CRA website, by using Form T400A (Objection Income Tax Act) or by submitting a formally written request to the Chief of Appeals at your local tax centre. In all of these cases, be prepared to explain your disagreement with the current tax assessment with relevant documents, proof and witnesses if required.

Any disagreement with the CRA’s decision as a result of your objection should be filed with the Tax Court of Canada, either through the General Procedure or the Informal Procedure within 90 days of the notice. You have the right to appeal the decision of the Tax Court to the Federal Court of Appeal. The decision of a Federal Court of Appeal can be further appealed to Supreme Court of Canada. Note that, paying income tax that is in dispute can be postponed until the decision is made by the requested authority unless you withdraw the appeal. In addition, the remaining amount from any previous income tax problems that is included in the appeal can be requested to be returned through writing. A certain percentage of this refund will go toward the interest accrued, any debt owed and other legal fees during the period.

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