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Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Tips |

Christmas proposals; don’t spend more on a ring than you need to

Christmas proposals; don’t spend more on a ring than you need to

It’s only weeks until Christmas and it’s as popular a time as Valentine’s Day to get down on bended knee and propose. Sales of diamond rings rocket with major retailers reporting a 200% increase in the number of engagement rings sold in the run up to the festive period.

Many men want to buy their loved one the best ring they can find but are concerned about the cost. Don’t worry about the myths though of needing to set aside a couple of months salary to purchase a dazzling piece of jewelry, it’s about finding a ring which will be loved for a lifetime and cost should never be a factor.

For those who know they will be on a budget when buying the ring, here are a few tips to making the most of their money.


The cut of a diamond will determine how much it sparkles and is the eye-catching element of any ring. A lower quality diamond with an excellent cut will look much better than a higher quality (and expensive) comparable which has a poor cut. The message here then is to focus the budget on the best cut affordable.

The cut is usually ranked to an industry standard of excellent, very good, good, fair or poor which makes it easy to know what you’re buying . Some jewelers have their own grading system though so talk to them if you’re unsure.


The color of a diamond is graded from D to Z. Those with a classification of D have the least color, are the rarest and in the most expensive price ranges. As only an expert can tell the difference between many colors in the grading system, it means that pretty much any you choose will look fantastic. A mid-range G or H graded diamond is a good option for those on a budget; good quality, looks great and not overly costly.


The clarityrefers to the blemishes, flaws and inclusions in the stone. The top of the range of Houston jewelry diamonds will be graded as FL (flawless) and this then slides along the scale to internally flawed (IF). The inclusions are graded from VVSI (very very slightly included) to I3 (inclusions visible to the eye). For a budget buy which still looks great to everyone who admires the ring, choose one which is SI1 or SI2. This means there are slight inclusions but unless it’s examined under a microscope, nobody would ever know.


This is the weight of the diamond and often the most known deciding factor; to be able to say that a ring is 1 or 2 carats is a quickly imaginable size comparable for most people. Save money by buying  a stone which is just a little short of the popular sizes; a 1.9 carat diamond doesn’t trip off the tongue as smoothly but will be much cheaper than a 2 carat one as it’s not one of the ‘magic’ sizes which are popular in stores and  it really won’t look any smaller.

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