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Posted by on Mar 1, 2014 in Money Saving Tips |

Understanding The Benefits Of Having A Half Hourly Electricity Meter For Your Business

Understanding The Benefits Of Having A Half Hourly Electricity Meter For Your Business

If you are interested in saving money and reducing the consumption and cost of your business’s electricity, then you should consider having a half hourly meter at your company’s premises, like those featured right here –

What Is A Half Hourly Meter?

A half hourly meter is a special type of smart electrify meter that is sometimes simply known as a HH meter.  It basically analyses and records the electricity used by your business every half an hour and then sends this information automatically to your business energy supplier through the landline phone connection.

What Kinds Of Businesses Use HH Meters?

There are a wide variety of businesses in different industries and sectors that use HH meters.  However, there is one thing that they all have in common – they all use high levels of electricity.  If you run a business that has a maximum usage of electricity that is over 100kW in one single half an hour, then you are required to have an HH meter installed at your workplace.  Roughly it is thought that there are almost 10,000 companies in the United Kingdom that use HH meters, which is probably more than you expected.

How Would I Know If I Already Have An HH Meter?

Apart from contacting your energy supplier and asking them, you can check whether or not you have an HH meter by looking for the supply number sticker on the meter.  If it shows 00 next to the letter S, then you have an HH meter.

It is also worth taking note though that it could be an HH meter if the number next to the letter S is 08, 07, 06 or 05.  However, to be absolutely and positively sure that you do already have one, it would be sensible to phone your electricity supplier, as mentioned above.

Are There Differences In The Standard Electricity And Half Hourly Electricity Pricing?

As you will be giving your electricity supplier very accurate and up to date information about your business’s energy consumption, they will in turn be able to tailor the price of your electricity based on how much you use.  This means that allow you may pay more than you would on some occasions, you will also pay a lot less than you would have if you were giving a manual reading and being charged accordingly.

In addition, because your business’s energy usage is monitored every half an hour, over the course of a day, week or even month, you will be able to see if there are any unnecessary spikes in energy use and when these occur.  This information will enable you to make sure that electricity that you are being charged for is not being wasted.  If it is, then you will be able to take steps that will help you save money on your business electricity bills.  This is also a benefit if as a business owner you are concerned with reducing your company’s carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment.

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