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Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Finance, Tips |

The Top 3 Ways to Cover Next Semester Costs

The Top 3 Ways to Cover Next Semester Costs


Paying for the cost of higher education is a challenge for millions of students. There’s nothing worse than coming up short on cash when you have to pay for books, rent… or pizza. To make things less painful next semester, let’s look at the top 3 ways to cover your education costs.

NUMBER 1: Take Out a Student Loan

Nobody likes to be in debt, but the reality of school costs may leave you no choice but to take out a loan. Still, you can be smart about how you select a lender, and you want to get the lowest interest rate possible. In the past, this meant going from lender to lender which was a slow, frustrating process.

Thanks to the Internet, the online multi-lender marketplace makes getting a student loan much easier. You just go to the site and answer a few simple questions about yourself. After you hit send, within minutes you’ll see a list of prequalified rates from multiple lenders. You also get details about each lender to help you make an informed decision. When you see a rate you like, the platform puts you in contact with the lender of your choice. It’s an incredibly fast and efficient way to get a student loan.

NUMBER 2: Get a Side Job

These days you don’t have to mow lawns, wait tables, or babysit to earn money. While those jobs are still options, the Internet opens up a whole new work universe. Consider these possibilities:

  • Teach English to people overseas
  • Offer tutoring services
  • Help manage social media accounts
  • Be a ghostwriter for a blog
  • Work as a virtual assistant

All of these tasks are available from online job boards or freelance sites. Not only can you make money from these, but they can also help you improve your experience when applying for work when you graduate.

Number 3: Apply for a Grant

There are many organizations out there that offer grants to college and university students. Typically, grants are awarded in relation to a certain geographic area, field of study, religious affiliation, or specific industry. Getting a study grant includes a fair amount of searching around, and you’ll have to fill out an application describing your need.

Remember, you can apply for more than one grant at a time. If you put in the time and effort, you might be able to cover a large portion of your tuition and living costs.


Start planning for next semester. Get your financial issues resolved now so you can focus on studying instead of worrying about expenses.

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